Online Free Webinar - Wikifarmer & Promote Pollinators

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Online Free Webinar - Wikifarmer & Promote Pollinators
Pollinators : The Farmer’s Partner for Sustainable Production

March 22nd, 15:00-17:00 CET

As we believe that farmers and scientists should work in close collaboration to accomplish sustainable crop production, the same is true for farmers and pollinators.

For this reason, Wikifarmer and Promote Pollinators have gathered 5 experts from around the world and top institutions to analyse the importance of pollinators and Integrated Pest Management at the farm level. In this online, free webinar, we would like to encourage all of you to join, whether you are a scientist, an agronomist, a farmer, a student or just a pollinator enthusiast.

Meet our speakers :

Koos Biesmeijer (Leiden University) – Introduction to pollinators and the threats they face today.

Evangelos Kontogiannis (Agricultural University of Athens) – Beneficial insects – Natural Enemies of major crop pests (pre-recorded speech)

Filitsa Karamaouna Sci. Directorate, Pesticides Control & Phytopharmacy, BPI and Vaya Kati (Laboratory of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - What can farmers do to boost beneficial insects and pollinators within their fields : Field margin management to enhance wild pollinators in agroecosystems : case studies in Greece

Buyung Hadi (FAO) – IPM principles and practises

George Frisvold (Professor, Bartley P. Cardon Chair of Agribusiness Economics & Policy, University of Arizona) – The economic importance of applying Integrated Pest Management Practices in the field.

The webinar will take place online. You can join the Google meet session with the link we will share with you on the webinar day. Do not worry if the room is full ; we will redirect you to the live stream on Wikifarmer’s YouTube channel, where you can leave comments and questions on the chatbox.